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Contractor’s Plant and Machinery

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Contractor's Plant & Machinery [CPM]. It is designed to provide insurance protection and peace of mind for contractors, and the construction industry, against a range of risks. Our insurance delivers financial protection against events of any cause whatsoever occurring at work, at rest or during maintenance operations, and is not limited to a specific construction site.

There are different types of Construction Plant and Machinery that are usually put into operation at the construction or Erection site. The Plants, Equipment and Machinery are exposed to a number of risks exist in addition to the exposure to natural calamities. Such Machinery and Plants include shovels, excavators, rollers and dumpers amongst others.

AWNIC’s CPE Policy covers Contractor’s Plant and Machinery against any unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage from any cause including electrical or mechanical breakdown but except those specifically excluded under the terms of the Policy. The indemnity under the policy is for replacement or repair.

Premium rate is based on factors like replacement value of Plants & machinery, model & type of Machinery, age and working conditions, maintenance history, previous claims history and contractor’s experience etc.,

For further details, please call us on our telephone or ask for a call back.