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Welcome to AL WATHBA Web Site on “Health Insurance”. This Section provides you with information about the company’s health insurance plans. Health Insurance is offered to both individuals and groups such as Companies (employers), Clubs, and Associations etc.
“Health Care” needs attention by, both individuals and groups who care for their members. No one knows when an illness of serious nature will befall upon a person. Healthcare expenses are constantly on the rise due to inflation, sophisticated treatment procedures, advanced medication etc. By buying a suitable health insurance scheme suited to specific requirements, one can always feel secure without worries or stress.
Health insurance is coverage for medical care costs that are incurred after being treated by a doctor. More often than not, individuals still have some financial responsibility for their medical costs; however, it is significantly less than it would be without health insurance.
Health insurance coverage is important for individuals, regardless of how healthy or unhealthy they are. Medical bills can really add up and even a single trip to the emergency room, can be costly. The inability to pay these bills can result in harassment by a collection agency or even a lawsuit. If you avoid going to the doctor because of the cost, you are putting your health at risk. Therefore, having health insurance is both financially and physically beneficial. Also, it is a mandatory requirement in many regions.
Customer Service
“Customer delight” is our focus and building customer relationship is our priority. We focus on excellent customer service by providing measurable and affordable solutions to our customers. We are tied up with NAS Administration Services (Third Party Administrators) for effective and efficient management of medical benefits.
We provide Medical for direct access to various Medical Providers in UAE, which identifies the insured person as eligible for Medical Services. To ensure securing the best suited scheme, proper attention is required in selecting the right option. A proposal form needs to be completed giving answers truthfully to all the questions. For further information on the health plans, please read carefully the instructions on our “Individual Health Plan” and “Group Health Plan”.
NAS Administration Services LLC (NAS) is incorporated in Abu Dhabi, and is owned by Alfia Investment Company LLC and the National Investor. It has set up a TPA ( Third Party Administrator ) operation based in the UAE with presence in GCC.
NAS launched its operation in the UAE in record time. It has signed Network agreements with more than 1,000 providers, including hospitals, diagnostic centers, clinics, laboratories and pharmacies country-wide. NAS also has direct-billing networks operational in Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, Libya and Saudi Arabia. In addition, NAS offers a worldwide network of healthcare providers in association with a leading international concern.
NAS Services:
  • 24/7 Claims and Customer Support Centre (800 2311)
  • Local Network
  • International Network
  • Admissions Services
  • Claims Processing (Network & Reimbursement)
  • Customization of Services
  • Powerful Software System
Medical Networks:
  • International Network
  • Comprehensive Network.
  • General Network.
  • Resident Network.
  • Super Restricted Network.