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This is a product specifically designed for the gold and jewel merchants OR jewellers whose trade is exposed to various perils despite sound security measures.

AWNIC offers Jeweller Block Insurance to gold and jewellers merchants to protect them mainly against loss and/or damage to stock, furniture & fixtures besides many other extensions to it. For the purpose of this Policy, “stock” shall mean goods consisting of gold, jewellers, platinum goods, bullion, precious stones, pearls and the like.

It is recommended that a reference be made to the printed policy for proper understanding of the nature, scope and conditions of insurance as there are various conditions and warranties that are to be complied with.

The rate chargeable is on “per mille” basis on the Total Sum Insured and is based on the scope and extent of cover opted for, security measures in place, house keeping etc.

Quotations will be provided on submission of a duly completed proposal form. For further details please call or ask for a call back via the call back option.