This insurance product is specifically designed to suit the needs of individuals, executives and other staff or laborers who are visiting UAE.

Medical Insurance Policy can be availed by any person traveling to UAE as an “Individual Policy”.

The salient features of the policy are:

  • The person who is a visitor to UAE on “Visit Visa”
  • Covering all over the country
  • The operative period of insurance commences from the time of entering the country till departure from UAE or expiry of visa whichever first occurs.

Coverage offered is:

  • Covering illness, emergency surgical and injury
  • Travel assistance services
  • Personal assistance
  • Benefits for In-Patient and Day Care Treatment as under:
    • Accommodation private room
    • Hospital accommodation & services
    • Consultant’s, surgeon’s & anesthetist’s fees, etc
    • Ambulance for an emergency leading to hospital confinement only
    • Pharmaceuticals during hospitalization only
    • Physiotherapy and other Rehabilitation therapy during in-patient treatment only
    • Post Traumatic Dental Treatment (accidental during the policy within UAE only)
    • Treatment out of network in case of life-threatening emergency)
    • Repatriation of mortal remains to the country of origin (more details as per our standard policy)

For further details on the “product” and “benefits”, please call us on Telephone or ask for a call back.

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